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OSINT discovery Temp email crawling Domain blacklisting HLR analysis Blackmarket pattern Banned check Social anomaly Live device check Consistency in our network Carrier scoring Velocity check Number range abuse

Team & User-Friendly

With our powerful, user-friendly system, and a dashboard offering multiple team management features, our solution is built to deliver a positive user experience centered on teamwork, suitable for any business.

Frictionless integration

Our solution offers an intuitive, friendly user interface, allowing you to use our products manually from our dashboard, or to automate your fraud prevention decision & data enrichment lookup using our API. With no client-side code required, integration is fast, clean, and most of all, simple.

Simple & Self-Service

Sign-up for our free trial and begin right away. Our simple and transparent pricing model makes scaling with us a breeze: commit to a monthly package, and pay for what you use, on a per-request basis.

TRUST has been involved in 5 data breaches
+15487650000 is linked to a WhatsApp business profile
TRUST +12046540000 has the same Telegram and Viber picture
RISK is linked to a suspicious Airbnb profile
TRUST +44787450000 carrier 'Vodafone GB' is very trustworthy
RISK was found on
+33612670000 is linked to a suspicious Telegram
TRUST Google account name 'Eric' match email format ''
RISK was never involved in a data breach
+12548780000 is banned on Twitter
TRUST has the same Airbnb and Facebook country
RISK is Gmail but has no Google account
TRUST has a Netflix account
+89451120000 carrier is T-Mobile Prepaid
RISK was found on
TRUST +16045480000 name matching: 'Nicholas' on Skype and Facebook
+91524450000 is banned on Tiktok
RISK has too many online profiles (72)
+78412150000 is VOIP
RISK was reported on StopForumSpam yesterday
TRUST has an appropriate number of social profiles
+39612670000 just created a Viber account
TRUST +12043540000 is live on an iOS device
TRUST wrote a Google Map review 3 years ago
+13541240000 Telegram first name is suspicious: 'Helpdesk BITCOIN'
RISK is undeliverable
TRUST +91524450000 name matching: 'Thomas' on Facebook and Airbnb
RISK Google account name is suspicious: 'sfdfdf dss'
RISK has no online presence
+44702450000 was found on
+16045480000 carrier is only found on SMS bypass website
RISK is abusing Gmail alias
RISK domain was registered 2 hours ago
+63454150000 name mismatch between Telegram and Zalo
TRUST +33612670000 created a WhatsApp account 5 years ago
RISK is banned on Snapchat
TRUST +74510240000 is live on an iOS device
RISK has a disposable domain

Deeper fraud detection

Risky phone numbers or disposable email addresses - we catch them all

Our solution is solely focused on one of two elements: phone numbers or email addresses.

After years of study and research about online fraud patterns, one lesson became abundantly clear: the common element tying near all online fraud attempts has always been the use of disposable emails or phone numbers.

As a result, Defastra has developed disruptive algorithms that quickly identify disposable and risky email addresses or phone numbers accurately.

Real-Time Data Enrichment

Gather 280+ new data points from any email address or phone number, silently

Defastra leverages the power of OSINT, and is able to provide our clients with a complete & accurate view of a user's online presence.

Our solution does not rely on outdated datasets or any type of database that may not be up to date. The data we gather is current, real-time, and accurate.

Our data enrichment products come with an easy-to-integrate API, and an elegant, intuitive dashboard interface for manual leads enrichment or fraud investigation.

Scan 100+ services and gather 280+ accurate data points in 3 seconds.

Our products in action

Confirm the source and integrity of any email address. From simple domain blacklisting to complex fake Gmail accounts, we leverage social intelligence to deeply investigate suspicious email addresses.


Verify the source and integrity of any phone number. Defastra employs hundreds of unique checks to accurately detect disposable phone numbers. Whether a phone number originates from a SIM farm, SMS verification bypass websites, VOIP exchange, Android botnets, or risky prepaid carriers, we detect them all.


The public link generated in the example:

Scan more than 100 services and gather accurate real-time data about any email address under 3 seconds. Enrich your user profiles, supercharge your data, identify fraudsters, or optimize your revenue based on your users’ online presence.

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Enter any phone number, and scan more than 30 services to gather accurate and real-time data about a phone number’s social presence. Our platform extracts information from all the major messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, LINE, and more. Enrich your users’ profiles at any scale by harnessing our system's power & stability.

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With a simple API call or click from our dashboard, detect the OS (iOS or Android) linked to a phone number. This offers compelling and invaluable data when it comes to validating phone numbers. Our solution works for any phone number, any carrier, any country. Stop performing HLR lookups that rely on old databases, and start verifying phone numbers the right way, with real-time data.

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Extensive data analytics

Visualize your data down to the second and unlock powerful insights

Understand high-scale fraud attempts and instantly be informed

Visualize statistics about your users' social footprint

Monitor your team usage and actions

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