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Team & User-Friendly

With our powerful, user-friendly system, and a dashboard offering multiple team management features, our solution is built to deliver a positive user experience centered on teamwork, suitable for any business.

Simple API

You can easily automate your fraud prevention decision & data enrichment lookup using our API, without any client-side code required. Integration is fast, clean, and most of all, simple. We also offer an intuitive, friendly user interface, allowing you to use our products manually from our dashboard.


Sign-up for free and begin right away. Our transparent pricing model without commitment or minimum makes scaling with us a breeze: top-up your wallet, and pay for what you use, on a per-request basis. Unlock automatic discount as your usage grows.

Real-Time Data Enrichment

Gather 280+ new data points, cut review time and perform better KYC

Defastra provides you with a complete & accurate view of a user's online presence & digital footprint.

Our solution does not rely on outdated datasets or any type of database. The data we gather is current, real-time, and accurate.

Our products come with an easy-to-integrate API, and an intuitive dashboard for easy fraud investigation.


Our products in action

Confirm the source and integrity of any email and get a full view of its social footprint, with an easy-to-read risk report. We leverage social intelligence to deeply investigate email addresses.


Verify the source and integrity of any phone and get a full view of its social footprint, with an easy-to-read risk report. Defastra employs hundreds of unique checks to accurately detect disposable phone numbers.


Extensive data analytics

Visualize your data down to the second and unlock powerful insights

Understand high-scale fraud attempts and instantly be informed

Visualize statistics about your users' social footprint

Monitor your team usage and actions

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Uncover real identities
defeat fraudsters